Saving Saddam

The true story behind the trial of Saddam Hussein.

Canadian Bill Wiley comes to Iraq to ensure that Saddam Hussein gets a fair trial. As the judge walks out, defence lawyers are murdered, and the trial becomes ever more bizarre. How will Bill manage to change Iraq’s notion of right and wrong? And will Iraq change Bill’s belief in the law? This is Bill’s most difficult assignment yet. Appointed by the American Government to ensure a fair trial, he will help Saddam’s defence team whether they want it or not.

About Director Esteban Yuarra
Award winning director, editor and cinematographer of documentary films.
Best known for his editing work on PUSSY RIOT- A PUNK PRAYER (short listed for a 2014 Academy Award), LOVE HOTEL and for his direction and cinematography of THE TRIAL OF SADDAM HUSSEIN, SAVING SADDAM, WAR FEELS LIKE WAR and THE RUNNER.

About Producer Michael Christoffersen
Michael has been working as a documentary director since the 1980s.
He has directed and produced several international documentaries, including “Genocide: The Judgement” (1999) for the BBC and SVT about the first genocide trial at the ICTR (The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) and the feature-length, behind-the-scenes documentaries “Milosevic on Trial” (2007) and “Saving Saddam” (2008). In 2013, he received a Grierson Award for the feature documentary: ”Law of The Jungle”.

Saving Saddam

Director and photographer Esteban Yuarra spent a year travelling in and out of Baghdad, putting his own life at risk in order to follow the trial of Saddam Hussein. At that time, Baghdad was one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Iraq was in chaos with daily killings and random bombings. The trial of Saddam took place inside the ”Green Zone”, a heavily fortified area controlled by the US Army and Iraqi forces.

Under these extreme conditions, Esteban Yuarra followed the trial and had access to some of the key players, in particular Saddam Hussein’s lawyer Najeeb Al-Nauimi and the American government’s fair trial monitor, Canadian lawyer Bill Wiley.

The trial was conducted at the Iraqi Higher Criminal Court, an Iraqi national court, supported by international advisers.

Saddam Hussein was charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. He was also charged with murder, imprisonment, the deprivation of physical movement, forced deportation, and torture.

”Saving Saddam” gives an unprecedented insight into one of the most talked about trials in recent memory.

Although Saddam’s fate is well-known, what happened behind-the-scenes at his trial is told for the first time in ”Saving Saddam”.

 Esteban Yuarra and the Judge.


Team Productions Present a film by ESTEBAN UYARRA
Appearances by Saddam Hussein, Bill Wiley and Najeeb al-Nauimi,
Music by Jeff Atmajian, Story by Esteban Uyarra,
Edited by Erez Laufer, Brian Tagg and Mikkel Sangstad, Assistant Producer Rebeca Lloyd Evans, Postproduction Manager Susanne Fosgaard Nielsen,
Color Grade Andreas Birch Eriksen, Dubbing Mixer Bobby Hess.
Thanks to BBC Bagdad Bureau, Malcom Downing, Mette Hofmann Meyer, Nick Fraser, Hans Robert Eisenhauer Axel Arno
Producer Michael Christoffersen, Directed by Esteban Uyarra,
Produced with the Support of the Danish Film Institute, Sundance Institute Documentary Fond Media and the Danish Ministry of Education