Milosevic on Trial

Milosevic on Trial

For the first time, a former head of state has to answer for his actions in an international war crimes tribunal.

A unique behind-the-scenes insight into the biggest and longest trial in modern times


This documentary follows the biggest war crimes trial since Nuremberg. For the first time, a former head of state is extradited to a war crimes tribunal to face charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

With exclusive access, this film follows the key players behind the scenes from the beginning of the trial in 2002 until its aftermath following Milosevic´s death in March 2006.

By following the players as the trial unfolds, and recording history as it happens, this documentary gives a unique insight into the strategies that were followed and the many obstacles faced by those involved, marking both the defeats and the victories.

The case encountered every problem imaginable including those which arose as a result of Milosevic’s decision to defend himself, in spite of his ill-health and the complexity of the case. 

It is the ultimate war crimes trial from which lessons must be learnt. 

It is also the only documentary to tell the story of what really happened behind the scenes of the longest war crimes trial ever.

The key players are:

Geoffrey Nice QC, the principal trial attorney for the Prosecution.
He is in charge of a massive prosecution team handling 66 counts covering three wars over a period of ten years.
Dragoslav Ogjnanovic, Milosevic´s legal advisor who passionately defies the charges and defends the Serb cause.
Steven Kay QC and Gillian Higgins who are appointed as Amici Curiae and later as Milosevic´s Defence attorneys against his will.

Left to right:  Gillian Higgins, Dragoslav Ogjnanovic, Geoffrey Nice QC and Steven Kay QC


“Stirring… This superb film is not merely intended to cause one to shake one’s head in disgust. Rather, it is a truly thought provoking and wildly informative work… It is rare that a documentary can successfully distill four years of court proceedings into a succinct work as this but MILOSEVIC ON TRIAL does it with aplomb.”

Michael J. Coffta, Educational Media Reviews Online

“Provides insight into the banal and extraordinary machinations of the international court system… brings cohesion and understanding to this history-defining trial.”

HotDocs International Documentary Film Festival

**** 1/2 “A thought provoking film that gives a voice to the consequence of war, and hopefully to the motivation for peace and understanding in the future.”

Kristiana Barber, A ‘n’ E Vibe

”For a general audience, and especially for those interested in human rights as for those intending a future career in law, the film will certainly bring an awareness of the problems at hand, conundrums which effectively bind and prevent justice in its own name.”

Jonathan Zilberg, Leonardo on-line

”The film manages to distil the four-year trial into a tight 70 minutes, balancing harrowing videos of massacres with hilarious footage of witnesses such as the notorious, profanity-spewing Vojislav Šešelj, currently on trial for war crimes himself.”

Katarina Gligorijevic,


a Michael Christoffersen film
produced by Mette Heide, cinematographer Will Jacob, Maarten Kramer, sound Pieter Guyt, Iben Haar Andersen, Sound Mix Morten Wille, Associate Producer Anne Revell, Colour Grade Andreas Birk Eriksen, Morten T Egeholm, Executive Producer Mette Hoffmann Meyer, Nick Fraser, Milka Pavlicevic, Axel Arno, Film Editing Niels Ostenfeld, Anders Refen, Henrik Fleischer, Scott Stevenson, Composer Simon Ravn with the support of the Danish Film Institute, Sundance Documentary Fond Media and the Danish Ministry of Education.